Soraya Hosni

Soraya Hosni

Soraya Hosni

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Soraya Hosni is an anthropologist and entrepreneur. Her unique journey from parisian suburbs, to remote pacific islands, active volcanoes or conflict zones allows a unique societal understanding that she brings into the most innovative problem solving. After an active professional and academic career, she decided to return to Tunisia and work from within to preserve culture and advance impact in business.

Her latest ventures includes Red Kabus an agrotech business empowering olive oil producers, wholesalers, and retailers in their quest for a premium product that meets market needs

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Red Kabus: The New Trade Routes

By Soraya Hosni

Our current trade routes are not built for the benefit of farmers, small scale distributors, or the consumer. Our concept is to build and optimize a better trade route, connected via our global relationships that can serve farmers and end-users, and ignite a new food supply chain. Our business has focused on olive oil but plans on expanding to other products.

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