Roman Wolkow

Roman Wolkow

Roman Wolkow

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I am 30 years old, former business and computer science student from the TUM in Munich, and now co-founder of Mitakus analytics. I founded Mitakus due to my passion for food and the food waste problem, but also because I am an enthusiast in AI and Data Science topics.

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Mitakus Food Waste tracking

By Roman Wolkow

Mitakus approach is to offer a system of various solutions to reduce food waste in kitchens of food service businesses like restaurants and canteens. Food waste is a driver for negative environmental impact but also a cost driver for chefs and managers of kitchens. One of the major reasons for food waste is the lack of tracking and therefore knowledge of what is wasted when and why. We want to develop a tracking solution, based on an electronic scale, a display and a mounted camera to track all food that is thrown away. The exact food type should be recognized via image recognition of photos taken by the camera. The kitchen employees have only to choose the reason for the food being thrown away. That way we are able to track food waste and additional information to present to the chef and manager.

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