Prithu Pareek


Prithu Pareek

Washington, DC
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I am a self-motivated and sincere college first-year student majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University with experience in programming, networking, biology and graphic design. I have built strong leadership skills during my years on my high school’s student government, as well as serving as president of the student body.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to intern at various tech startups and also at a biological research lab. These experiences have allowed me to learn more about these fields through working.

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Farm to Table

By Prithu Pareek

Farm to Table is a platform that aims to help solve the issue of increased food waste by farmers as well as food shortages in food banks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers, will be able to post any surplus produce that they have. Likewise, food banks will be able to post any need for food that they have. This way we hope to utilize the excess produce that is being thrown away by farmers, as demand has gone down, to fulfill the unmet need for food in food banks and other charitable organizations that have seen an increase in demand due to a large increase in unemployment over the last few months. Additionally the platform will provide lawmakers, policymakers, and other organizations data about where food in the US is being produced and where the demand lies which can be used to shape their policies and decisions.

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