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Keith Smith

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Keith D. Smith III is Marketing at DMM DAO, Communications at Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, Blockchain Enthusiast.

Publicist, influencer marketing manager, content marketing strategist, and the founder of a communications agency based in South Florida. Working with public figures, e-commerce brands, and technology startups across the United States, Keith helps his clients create and develop persuasive brands that touch people in the audiences that matter most.

The Internet of Value (Industry 4.0)

The mission?
Financial and technical literacy for a more inclusive, equitable society
“Banking” the 1.7B unbanked adults (estimated ~50% own smartphones)
Democratizing access to yield (permissionless access to yield-bearing Defi Money Market account)
Protecting user privacy (decentralizing data & digital identity w/cryptography)

Promoting the acceptance of accredited blockchain courses at universities across California and Mexico.
Assisting in the hosting of blockchain education, hackathon, and networking events.
Bringing decentralized finance to a mobile phone near you.
Defi Money Market Foundation allows citizens to earn yield on real-world income-generating assets represented on chain from your favorite wallet!

I missed the beginning of the internet. Growing up in the middle of web 2.0 technologies, I saw the implications for distribution and e-commerce. I thought that was it. Trillions of dollars are moving from bank vaults to digital accounts. How much more revolutionary could the transformation of value transfer get? Mid 2017, I learned about the wonders of internet magic money and distributed consensus mechanisms. It was then that I realized that there was a much deeper layer to the digitization of value. A layer that enables instant access to financial services to billions. I have come to realize that blockchain and distributed computing is what the internet is all about. This is the internet of value.

Participated &

Submitted Solutions

Ambrosus Blockchain Ecosystem

By Sergii Grygoriev

As the world’s premier blockchain and IoT platform, the Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET statistics here) provides a framework and all of the relevant tools for collecting, storing, and sharing data in a secure and integral fashion. In relation to the Internet of Things (IoT) Ambrosus pioneers first-of-its kind encrypted IoT devices and gateways, that allow for secure and efficient data collection from the physical world.

Meanwhile, the public-permissioned blockchain architecture of AMB-NET has been specifically optimized to scalably and securely store and validate all data uploaded onto the network. With its own proxy establishing a link between the world-wide web and the Ambrosus blockchain, custom applications can be quickly and effortlessly written and monetized in popular programming languages such as JavaScript, iOS, and Android.

Complacent to multiple other ongoing collaborations, in 2020 we have launched pilot projects with quality control company QSS Global and crewing agency Navis Crew Management who will leverage our Native Blockchain AMB-NET for secure data management. Furthermore, our company has been selected as partner to the United Nations 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems and also recognised as one of the Rising Stars by the EU (EIT), one of only 15 companies in Europe to receive such an honour.

We resolve 4 main issues for manufacturers and logistics companies:

  1. Proof of product origin
  2. Secured immutable storage of quality and shipment documents
  3. Easy tracking of your assets
  4. Decentralized collection of all important statistics about supply chain process and final consumers.
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