Jessica Mandelbaum

Jessica Mandelbaum

Jessica Mandelbaum

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Over the past 15 years, Jessica has worked a variety of food-related jobs ranging from farmer to restaurant manager to chef to teacher to author. In 2011 she received her BA in Anthropology from SUNY New Paltz with a concentration in food and culture. Most recently she received her Masters in Gastronomy with a Culinary Arts certification from Boston University. Since graduating, Jessica has continued to deepen her understanding of food and how it relates to our human experiences. This wide array of knowledge has helped shape her unique approach to cooking which focuses on the connection between the sources of our food and their consumption.

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By Sindhu Sundar

Policy proposal for collaborative food distribution networks utilizing existing nationally-accessible tools and organizations, and partnerships between community centers, hospitals, farmers, and distributors. Objectives are the identification of in-need communities to provide mobile markets and CSA boxes, as well as subsidization strategies to serve low-income areas.

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