Hackathon Kickoff Event Part 1 Panel Discussion Framing the Issues

Moderator: Ergem Şenyuva Tohumcu
With Dr. Linda Lopez, David Chai and Andrew Mack

Today, American farmers are plowing under their harvests, milk is being dumped and at the same time people are going hungry in American cities. COVID-19 has completely disrupted America’s food supply chain and new solutions are needed to fix this problem. With restaurants closed, food that normally was sent to restaurants has not been redirected to retail consumers, who now face shortages. Neither politics nor the private sector have found a solution to this mismatch, increasing suffering not only for the poor, but also our economies and companies. Together, we must develop a new level of resilience for our food supply chains. This video is from our kickoff event, framing an overview of the problems in food supply chains, both new issues and old issues that were exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.

The Ayadee Foundation, together with members of the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, is hosting a virtual hackathon bringing networks of technologists, food and agriculture industry experts, policy experts, scientists, engineers and academics, to find new and innovative solutions.

Follow this channel to see learn more about the issues faced in food supply chains, and hear the proposed solutions that participants in our hackathon develop.

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