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The Ayadee Foundation convenes global experts and innovators to develop tech solutions related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Interview with Al Jazeera Arabic about Twitter’s new “Spaces” Feature

Ayadee Foundation Founder Peter Johnson was interviewed by Al Jazeera Arabic about Twitter’s new “Spaces”. The Ayadee Foundation has transparency as a core value, so changes to systems like Twitter to create private spaces that require paid access, present a potential barrier to the open community that Twitter has been. Watch the interview here. What is...
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Reducing Food Waste, Solving Global Hunger

YPO Jeffersonian Connect “Reducing Food Waste, Solving Global Hunger” co-moderated by Ayadee Foundation Founder The final segment of YPO’s Global Food Crisis Series was co-moderated by Ayadee Foundation Founder Peter Johnson, with experts Andrew Mack, Founder and CEO of AgroMovil, as well as an Ayadee Foundation mentor, and Christine Moseley, Founder and CEO of Full...

Global Food Crisis Series Championed by Ayadee Foundation Founder

YPO’s Global Food Crisis Series was co-championed by Ayadee Foundation Founder Peter Johnson, as well as Chocko Valiappa, both members of the YPO People Action Network’s Executive Board. The kickoff event featured the head of the World Food Programme’s Accelerator, Bernard Kowatsch, Impact Investor Victor E. Friedberg and CEO of AgUnity David Davies who offered their...

Ayadee Foundation's Article on Blockchain and Global Philanthropy Published

As part of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s Global Philanthropy Tracker, an article on blockchain use cases in global philanthropy was published. The launch event will take place with the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships. Download the full report to read the Ayadee Foundation’s article. What is the Global Philanthropy Tracker? The...
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AgriTech Action 2020 | Improving alliances between large and small farms

Atlantic Council‘s AgriTech Action 2020 event: Ayadee Foundation founder Peter Johnson will be part of a panel discussion on how technology can more efficiently allow small farms and large farms to work together. We’ll be discussing how best to strike a balance between the cutting edge technology and innovation that large farms drive, while also...

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Interview Sessions

Interview: Vivotein Co-Founder Will Sarat Chuchawat

The Ayadee Foundation is honored to have hosted Will Chuchawat, co-founder of Vivotein, with us for a live discussion of how his company turns food waste into feed. Not only does this make use of food waste, but it also replaces the demand for fishmeal and soybeans, and as part of the process they generate...
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