Millicent Calinog Tracey

Millicent Calinog Tracey

Millicent Calinog Tracey

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Park City, Utah - USA
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Millicent Calinog Tracey is a fintech product consultant specializing in B2B payments.  In her last role as SVP of Payments APIs at Wells Fargo, Millicent led the strategy & delivery of the Wells Fargo Gateway and their Payment APIs, and set an industry standard for payment APIs (  Throughout her career, Millicent has leveraged her background in law, tax, treasury management and customer-centered design to develop digital solutions for business customers.  Millicent is also a strong advocate of female leadership, and was selected to participate in the Money20/20 Rise Up program.  She is an Advisor to Tech2Empower USA which works with 40-50 women’s rights & social justice leaders and their respective non-profit organizations from across the US. She is also a sponsor for Kids Play International (whose mission is to promote gender equity through sport and the Olympic values in post genocide impacted countries), and an executive producer of Bias  (a film that examines unconscious gender bias and how it affects us socially and in the workplace).

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