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Tech Innovators for
Environmental, Social and Governance Impact

You’re passionate about responsible production and consumption. You want to know where your food came from. You want to ensure there is no child labor in the factory that made your clothing. You want to know the full story of the production of the goods you use because you know that the global inputs that went into production make impacts both in local communities around the world as well as on the environment.

You know technology is changing at a rapid pace and it can be used to improve the situation for workers and farmers, while at the same time creating more efficient and profitable supply chains for global companies. You are ready to leverage Ayadee’s training, technology, and networks to make an impact, to develop an idea, implement it, and bring it to scale.

Interconnectedness & Our Impact on the World

Our world is more interconnected than ever before and consumers now realize the impact the phone they use has on a cobalt miner in the Congo or the coffee they drink has on a forest in Central America. Just as trade has made the world more interconnected, so too has technology made these interconnections more visible. Now let’s use this technology to ensure that both production and consumption of goods are responsible.


Trainings and labs including innovation, technology, futurism and “deep dives” with experts describing challenges and opportunities in their sectors.

Peer Networking

Connect with other fellows to give each other candid feedback and share your visions. You will be part of a highly competitive group, curated for this program, and remain part of our alumni network after the event.

Personalized Content

To be provided in one-on-one mentoring sessions with a mentor matched to you, as well as opportunities to individually meet with experts from our network.

Ongoing Support

Weekly check-in with your assigned mentor, weekly town halls with all participants, periodic check-ins with program management, and support from interns matched to you to work on your project.


Use of Ayadee’s TRAK technology for the lifetime of your project. This award-winning blockchain-based system is an easy-to-use and energy efficient tool for transparency and traceability.


Applicants should be current graduate students and young professionals who have a passion for technology and impact-driven values. Diverse backgrounds including those from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply.


Application Deadline

Interviews and Discussion
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